I make Let's Plays! Or LPs for short. I am a female Let's Player, I also like meeting new people. I have ADD (Which like like, an attention disorder) and it is kinda hard to focus on a lot of things. Though, with Let's Plays, I feel like I can concentrate more than ever on you guys, my commentary, and games. It makes me feel pretty happy about myself. And you guys make it all and a lot better for me. I take band and know how to play Drums, Trumpet, Flute, and even an Ocarina! When I grow older I want to be a person who designs video games, as well as play them! I did play an online game (I still vist the site) but I quit the game. The main thing that inspires me to Let's Play, and still does, is the community! Well thats all I can remember that I need to say, chao!

The icon and background is credit to IamJoeDub

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